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  • Characters: Tayo is friendly, playful and sometimes mischievous. He is third oldest of the four buses. Rogi is cocky, outgoing, and also mischievous. The two often get into fights with each other. Funny and mischievous himself, Rogi also has an interest in detective work. He is second oldest of the four buses.
  • Character: Lani is cute, cheerful, kind, sweet-natured however, she is timid, sensitive, and tempermental. Possessing little tolerance for arguments, she often acts as a mediator between Tayo and Rogi. She is the youngest of the four buses and is often considered the cute one of the group.Gani is hardworking, warm-hearted, and shy. He is the oldest of the four buses and often acts as the most mature one of the group.
  • Minisize fit perfectly in children’s little hands and can be carried anywhere. Suitable for children ages 37 months and up.
  • Each has connecting hook to attach each other and can play towing, train etc…
  • Playing toys can help develop sensory skills and encouage kids to use their imaginations. Also they can create their own personal and unique play experiences. With different characters of the Little Buses, kids can role play and learn friendship, kindness, and positive behaviors while playing with friends.
  • Tayo Special Minibus Set: Toys & Games

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